A vibrant city, a vibrant mix of languages by Amelie Schuhmann

I have worked in a language school teaching English and German to Spanish students. I can’t highlight enough how much I have benefitted from that experience! First of all, I had been studying Spanish at university but hadn’t got much experience in actually speaking the language. So when I started teaching, I could always use English or German respectivey when I ran out of words in Spanish, which slowly enhanced my vocabulary and got me into the habit of speaking every day – for a whole 8 hours of teaching!

Also, since I repeated a lot of the sessions on a weekly basis with different students, I was able to use the same phrases over and over again until they stuck with me. Of course, there were tough times too – for example when the students didn’t speak much German or English and my Spanish wasn’t fluent enough yet. However, by the help of dictionaries and paraphrasing, such problems were overcome.

I loved living in the vibrant city of Barcelona – tons of culture to discover, many nationalities coming together in one city and the beach right by the doorstep. It is a great city for me as a central-European citizen to move to as it is quite organized, with a good infrastructure and similarities to big German cities, and yet there is just something about the flair and hot weather that makes all the difference. With an increase in global networking when it comes to work nowadays, I am grateful for having improved an additional language so well in only six months – especially in such an amazing city.

Amelie Schuhmann