When they told me I had been accepted for the internship I didn’t really know what to expect. I just felt that something special was waiting in Barcelona. Something for me.

It was my second time in Spain, after a year abroad studying, in the completely different region of Extremadura, and a compulsory final year of university back in Milan.
I had graduated and was ready to leave. I was finally free to go and live in Spain.

My dream had always been to build my life down in the South, where food is great, people are nice and the Sun shines -almost- all year round. Barcelona was an unexpected and -I thought- unwanted opportunity, but I just couldn’t say “No!” to such a chance.

I started working as a receptionist and Italian teacher in a language school in Barça, and then was offered to go and manage a brand new school up in Bilbao, Basque Country. The best months of my stay, the best “Yes!” of my life.

Euskadi opened my eyes once again, showing me that places and people can actually save you when you think there’s nothing left to save. Euskadi gave me the strength to go and let go, live and let live, love and be loved in return.

After exactly six months I was offered to move again, now to the wonderful city of Seville, to run another, bigger, nicer, harder school down there… And that was my third “Ok, let’s go!”.

After eight months of Andalusian dreams I realized the most important thing weren’t necessarily places. Places are wonderful, but you need someone to make them really special.

It was a hard decision, but I packed up again, and chose to go back home, to Italy. Leaving many other special homes all over Spain and deep in my heart.

Learning and loving languages let me live some of the most amazing experiences ever, and I’ll never regret doing anything or going anywhere,  because I was happy about saying “yes”, and I always felt that even in bad times, everything was happening for a reason. For me to be here today, on a plane back to Seville. Just a weekend. Just a moment. Just to tell myself: “Respira, ya se pasa…”

Breathe, always. Live. Leave. Don’t fear what you don’t know. It can be places, languages or people, but if you go and say your “Yes!”, Life will do the rest.

I don’t know if this will help you out of a hard situation, if it’ll make you feel better or worse. But if you have been patient enough to be reading my words down to this part, trust me and just say “Yes!” Choose that book, buy that ticket, love that dream, and LIVE that life you’ve always dreamed.

Suerte! Good luck! Buona fortuna! From someone who now knows that he will never stop Believing.