Nowadays it is very important to learn new languages as we can communicate with people from other countries thanks to them. A lot of new linguistic projects have emerged and learning languages was never this easy. It has not only been fomented to learn them but to travel abroad with the purpose of making new friends, get to know a new language and its culture.

Amongst all the projects that are working at the time, MyHOSTpitality is the first online community of collaborative consume. It consists on a linguistic immersion either for students, families or adults which let you organize your trip on your own and have all the important decisions made on your own. The process makes the travel agencies dispensable and reduces the costs. This way, MyHOSTpitality navigates on three different modalities to travel abroad:

  • Exchange
  • Hosting
  • Be an invitee

Make a linguistic exchange

Exchanges are usually made by students who are learning a foreign language in high school or universities. Make an exchange means that someone will come to your house and later you will travel to their house; that is why it is usually held by families who want their kids to learn more languages apart from the native one.


The two (or more, it depends) people who are making the exchange will have to dedicate at least three hours per day to learn the language with their host. At the same time, they will get to know their culture and habits and will probably make a friend forever.

Be a host and invitee

It is held by two members of the MyHOSTpitality community where one of them (the host) lets the other person (the invited) stay at their house for the period they agree on and under the principles they make. This way, the host doesn’t have to come to the invitee’s house as sometimes the people only want to host people in their native country due to the short time they have to travel, or they just want to be an invitee as they don’t have time to host someone. However, as in the exchange program, they need to agree on an amount of time per day (it uses to be three hours per day) to learn the native language: the host would give classes to the invitee.


MyHOSTpitality has a lot of advantages: they from the reduce costs to the flexibility of the dates to make the different agreements and the capability of the member of the community to agree on their own terms. If you found this article interesting, don’t doubt to visit their page and register on their free community as it is a new way of practice your second languages.