Why one travels can be identified by what one does, occupationally & otherwise? People travel on business, travel for pleasure. travel to inspire themselves to write, travel for love but eventually travel to learn.
It is the pursuit of a million ideas and the realisation of one. It is rekindling the latent childlike inquisition that resides deep down in the pits of our minds, hidden under the veils of our daily abstractions. Travel in my opinion, is the consequence of a restless mind. A resultant of a body tired of knowing what to expect. We all love feeling enchanted but when the ecosystem that one resides in reaches a point of insignificance, a figurative blur, a monotonous hum from that discordant cacophony that rocked you off your bed every morning, travel beckons.
Travel unravels the beauties and the beasts of a world unfamiliar. It’s a kaleidoscopic adventure with a spectrum of colours, a host of possibilities and one eventuality, momentary bliss. That feeling is hard to embody in boring sans serif, so I’m going to resort to a world of beautiful to imagery to make my point.

Waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Panoramic view of the London Parliament, Big Ben and Westminster Bridge

Lyth Valley, Lake District, England

Aurora Borealis at the Arctic Circle

Travel lets us peek into the lives of a million others, for a short while. As social creatures, we thrive on interactions intrusive & non. Whether it be a long coffee with an old friend, or just observing a hundred people walk by. It is comforting. 

Travel is about taking risks. Some people let their palate choose their destinations. Some just like to get drunk.

And then there are all those incredibly daring & adventurous things people do when they’re travelling. It’s the ultimate vagabond experience. It’s the feeling of adrenaline rushing through ones veins that sprouts from absolute liberation.

We travel because our life is defined by experiences. The greater the number of experiences, the better that definition of life becomes. For the sake of a definition, we travel.

Samudra Gupta, UI/UX Designer | Digital Marketer | Tech Enthusiast